Another week, another build

Get Axdroid 2010-08-07 here!

So, changes since the last one:

  • LCD setup should hopefully be fixed. On the X51v the LCD will no longer flicker, and the X51 should no longer be offset. Hopefully this doesn’t break the X50/X50v. Thanks to Max Fierke for the QVGA settings from an X51 :)
  • The 2700g in the X51v and X50v is never going to be truly useful to us, the only thing we can use it for is an unaccelerated framebuffer - which we already have from the PXA270. However - it has 16MiB of RAM that would sure be handy. Now video RAM for us isn’t identical to system RAM - generally it’s much slower to read from, but it should hopefully be faster than the SD card anyway. So, I’ve written code that will initialize the 2700g to the point that we can access it’s RAM and make use of it as swap space. So now VGA devices have 2 tiers of swap - when system RAM is full the 2700g RAM will be used, and when that fills up the SD card swap.img file will be used. Hopefully this will help speed things up a little for the X51v & X50v.
  • Various small tweaks to maybe help speed it up a little, such as mounting with the noatime option.