Axdroid Update

Wow, it’s been over a month, I think it’s about time I put up a new build!

Axdroid rocking out!

Changes since the last build:

  • I rewrote my build scripts. Doesn’t mean much to you as a user, although the initial hit on the startup time is much reduced now. Dalvik still has to do it’s thing and compile everything the first time you boot, but there’s no more copying files around.
  • Minor changes/tweaks that might help speed things up a little.
  • You should no longer need to enable mirror mode before booting :)
  • In theory, the LCD should be detected and VGA or QVGA setup as appropriate. That means this build should work on any of X50/X50v/X51/X51v. Though bear in mind that I only own an X51v so that’s all it’s been tested on.
  • Audio support! I finally figured out the audio setup, and it’s quite happily playing me some Paramore :) Headphones do work with the kernel code, but I haven’t written the jack detect code yet and I don’t think Android provides any manual way to use headphones. So basically: speaker only for now.

So, get it here. It’s as simple to run as it can get, drop the files from the zip into the root of an SD card, pop it in the Axim and run bootlinux.exe. Then despite the improvement I’d still recommend you leave it alone for a while and go make a cup of coffee or something. The speed does improve after you use it for a little while as Dalvik compiles and caches everything, but don’t expect it to be fast. The problem is that the Axim has 64MB of RAM which is simply not enough for Android. It’s worked around by using swap (the swap.img file) but that slows everything down as the system is constantly swapping pages in and out of RAM… I’d be very interested to know how it runs on an Axim which has the 128MB memory upgrade, I’d expect it to fare much better.