Axdroid 2010-08-30

Oh my…

Axdroid 2010-08-31 release 2, get it whilst it’s hot.
Axdroid 2010-08-31, get it whilst it’s hot.
Axdroid 2010-08-30 release 2, get it whilst it’s hot.
Axdroid 2010-08-30, get it whilst it’s hot.

So, there’s nothing major in here, but I figured I’d update everyone with the current build.

Changes I can remember:

  • Android should actually fit on the screen properly for QVGA devices.
  • Back/menu keys swapped, so that back is on the end. It just seems right.
  • The menu key will now actually let you use the unlock screen. I’m still unsure about it, it seems pointless for Axims since they have a lock switch. Anyway, thanks to Danilo Riso for figuring this one out.
  • QVGA setup on X51 hopefully fixed, thanks Max for the updated pixclock value.
  • Tweaked some kernel config options etc, perhaps (hopefully) slightly faster.
  • EDIT: hopefully fixed the touchscreen for the X50, and hopefully didn’t break any X51s. If you happened to download the first release, please try out the second. It would be great if people would run this tool and let me know what it outputs and which device they ran it on.

About my previous post: yes, it refers to WiFi, which I have been working on for the past couple of days. I’ve figured out how to power WiFI on/off, and added some Axim-specific code to the code from the acx100 driver project. The driver is able to load firmware and communicate with the acx100 successfully. My work on it is in this build, and you can turn WiFi on/off in the settings (usually, it’s kinda flaky). However, it scans but never finds any networks. I’ll need to find more time to look into it. Hopefully soon, we’ll have WiFi working and Axdroid might even become useful :)